Effective estate planning enables you to manage your affairs during your lifetime and helps ensure your legacy is efficiently passed on to the ones you love. We work with attorneys to help create all the legal documents you need, get them properly filed so that your loved ones and executors know what to do, as well as what your wishes are. In addition to estate documents, as part of our estate planning service we will help you analyze what insurance may be of benefit to you in transferring wealth with tax-efficiency.

Remember, estate planning requires ongoing review and updates. We’ll help you get—and keep—your final documents up-to-date through the years in conjunction with attorneys. It’s important to know that your beneficiaries on individual policies and assets take precedence over your trust or will documents, and we will meet with you regularly to help update your estate in its entirety as your family and goals change through time.


Estate planning, Gifting, Charity Planning & Wealth Transfer—We’ll coordinate with attorneys and other professionals to help ensure that your estate plan is in place and that it will meet your legacy goals.

Special Needs Planning—Sometimes a family member requires more than standard estate planning. Working with attorneys and other professionals, we can help.

Charitable Giving Strategies—We may be able to help you help your favorite charity in a tax-advantaged manner that benefits both you and your chosen charity.


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