A new home, having children, taking vacations…your dreams are our goals, and it all starts with financial planning. A complete financial plan lays out your goals and puts realistic budget numbers together for each of them. This way, you can make choices that fit within your plan, including your home, vacations, cars, eating out and other lifestyle options.

We will include reviewing all of your employee benefits to make sure those are optimized for you as an individual as well as you as a couple if you are married. Children need to be considered, too—the average cost to raise each child is more than the average mortgage—and that’s not including the cost of college. Good financial planning can help make your multiple goals achievable, up to and including retirement.


Goals-Based Planning and Retirement Projections—Together we will create a written plan for short-term and long-term financial objectives, including retirement.

Net Worth Analysis—Formulating your balance sheet of liabilities and assets can give you a baseline for where you are headed.

Goal Setting—We will outline specific, measurable goals.

College and Educational Planning—We will find ways to plan for these expenses given the aspirations you have for your family.

Cash-Flow Analysis, Management and Budget Planning—Let’s compare what you earn to what you spend so we can determine what is appropriate to invest.

Managing Debt—Prioritizing your payback strategy can save you money over the long term. We will consider your student loans, mortgages, credit card and other types of debt.

Employee Benefit Plan Review—Let’s help ensure you are leveraging your best options. We’ll provide reviews of health insurance, tax-advantaged accounts, employee stock purchase plans, deferred compensation & group life, and disability insurance as well as self-directed brokerage accounts. We may even suggest you utilize a company prepaid legal service benefit to create your estate plan.

Dual Income and Benefits Planning–Used to create efficiencies and eliminate redundancies in selecting employee benefits.

Planning for Elder Care—Be prepared for evolving situations for yourself and your parents.


What are YOUR financial goals?